About Us

For 30 years, DVC Limited has been into the manufacturing of various automotive chemicals. In Nigeria, we are the main producers of automotive sealants - underbody coating/sealants and seam sealants for OEM (original equipment manufacturers) as well as air drying sealants to refurbish vehicles.

We are into the bottling and distribution of DVC Brake fluids in partnership with Pentosin like the DVC Pentosin brake fluid and oven drying sealants which are used and recommended by Notable Vehicle Assembly Plants in Nigeria.

We also produce silicon sealants and concrete admixture chemicals for the Construction industry. We have a workshop for complete car refurbishing (painting, etc) and we distribute various industrial and automotive chemicals.

We are into the production of Plastic Packaging Materials through Injection and Blow Moulding Process for various types of plastic packaging. We stock silicon-spray, mould-releasing chemicals for plastic and other products. We produce high quality plastics and plastic packaging for various uses.